prayas abhinav's index

Media art and design projects + research.

More about him here. Prayas lives in Bangalore and Ahmedabad. He has interests in gaming, textual practices, cultures of technology and cities.

Recent projects (2013): The Museum of Vestigial Desire (october-january), Civilisation (january),

Recent projects (2012): Glitch forum (august), Lacklustre narratives (august), The Potential (may), mas*ing (january), Reluctance (january), Grasp (january), The Restoration (january), Phase Shift (january)

Recent projects (2011): Infected Puppets (december), Distortion field (august), Another pattern is apparent (july), On the Sidereal (july), The Decay of Meaning (june), Xini's First Revelation (june), Even war has limits (january), The tiger is not a tiger (but don't tell) (january)

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