prayas abhinav's index

Courses conducted at Centre for Arts and Humanities @ CEPT University.

  • Media Architecture and Glitch (one week), [March, 2012]
  • Computational Aesthetics and Experimental Animation (two weeks), [September, 2012]
  • Introduction to the digital world (one week), [February, 2013]
  • Web Curation (one week), [November, 2013]

Course conducted at the New Media Design Department @ National Institute of Design.

  • New Media Studies (one month), [December, 2013]

Courses and workshops conducted at the Srishti School of Art, design and Technology. For earlier teaching engagements go here.

  • Art Worlds (seminar), [December, 2011]
  • Poetry as ideology, [August, 2011]
  • First contact: new media histories, [August, 2011]
  • That which is not here: interactive museum design, [September-November 2010]
  • Pinging the future: science-fiction, philosophy and fantasy, [July-August 2010]