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Ghumakkad Baaja





2010 / functional prototype of a long-distance wifi radio-like ecosystem / Showcased at Sarai (New Delhi) and Radio Out of The Box (Dharamshala)


Nishant Sharma, Prayas Abhinav, Hemant Babu and Ram Bhatt


A meshed Wi-fi local network (wireless ethernet) offering audio content on a low cost device, so that news, local content and entertainment in audio form can be accessed widely. The use of amplified wifi bandwidth delivers high speed, interactive audio content city-wide.

A device which can receive these audio broadcasts on the move was prototyped. Leveraging the potential of an open community of content creators, existing professionals, we planned be populating multiple channels of community, local and entertainment content on this infrastructure.

India has a heavily regulated and censored radio-spectrum use policy for broadcasters. There are no ways for people to create and share audio content in a widely-accessible way. Internet-radio is not localized due to bandwidth access. Community radio is very restrictive, low power and does not allow news and political content.

The radio industry is dominated by commercial music syndicates and public bodies which restricts the kind of content possibilities. In comparison, other media (like TV, print, Internet) has much more diversity to offer. Audio platforms have remained mostly one-way, and have not exploited opportunities of p2p broadcasting networks.

The idea was to provide a solution much like satellite TV, but on audio and in a on-the-move, outdoor-friendly format.

Ghumakkad Baaja was designed to be inherently capable of being used for p2p data exchange and audio streaming.