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Lacklustre narratives


2012 / Software / Installed at the 'Glitch Frame Lollipop' exhibition at Latitude 28 in New Delhi


In the mass of supposedly innocent human actions that are analysed and mined for as data for information with valence in design, typing rhythms are an unexplored area (thankfully).

There have been experiments in the art space but in ways which are poetic or graphic and not insightful or interpretive. Clickstreams have looked as a sequence of choices (or clicks) as narrative choices. Is it possible to look at typestreams in some form as a source of the unexpressed and internal dialogue?

This is a text-editor which tracks the pattern of the typestream of users and if the patterns constitute a rhythm the text keeps developing. But if there are breaks in the pattern and if the rhythms are broken the text gets fragmented. The input mechanism is a standard bluetooth keyboard. A dominant emotion while users try to build a text is frustration, anxiety and loss.

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Production credits

Coding assistance: Nandeep Mali from 9 Circuits. Equipment: Mac Mini rented from CDP Computers.