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On the sidereal


July 2011 / residency and exhibition / Curator (as a part of CEMA @ Srishti) and participant / at The Guild (Mumbai)

From the concept note

“What do we do after we de-shackle time from its commodity exchange value? Few can bear the weight of naked time. We seek ways to dullen, fragment and diffuse our awareness of it. Media creates a dream world for our waking selves. A dream world in which we are told that we have agency to reconfigure the worlds around us. A dream world that placates us when we cannot do so, offers us periodic piecemeal victory and hope to keep us engaged, keep us locked-in, prevent our “sidereality” to come alive.

This “sidereal” time and its voice can transform into anything it seeks. Desire, confusion and recklessness are tools which can be used towards this. With time made open to an alchemical manipulation and transformation, space invariably will be persuaded to take on other contours as well. And spaces will dream with all the things they contain. This brings us to the Wheel of Time – the packet within which all else floats. The Ouroboros. The reason why time can be cast in no permanent mould – except nostalgia maybe, for some time”

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Participating artists

Amitabh Kumar, Eelco Wagenaar, Kiran Subbaiah, Umesh Kumar PN, Prayas Abhinav, Tahireh Lal