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The Potential


2012 / Installation with books, metal rods, sound, paper rolls and currency notes / first installed at Art HK 12 at The Guild booth


Books shelter desires. Masqueraded with words, empty or full, inscribed or blank - the desires leak through sometimes as invitations to do the impossible. The installation offers three invitations: “Money for nothing,” “Instant death” and “Flight.” Each invitation has its own paradox to consider - they are like sinful pleasures: attractive as well as feared.

The books are blank, words once written withered away. Blew away with the wind. History overwrites many times on the same landscape, to wipe it clean. Desires promise, can't deliver and are constructed though emptiness.A dispenser represents the pervasiveness and the unlimited nature of supply - of goods, of progress, of growth. Without the supply, it is difficult to imagine the everyday and the ordinary. Consumption might be interrupted, supply should not be. Infinite money is available, for nothing.

But it remains untouched. We want money - but as a reward, as an outcome of a process, not for nothing. Death is the moment when it all comes together. Death is another low-hanging fruit - always possible but never desired. An invitation to “Instant death” walks this tight-rope. Schrödinger's cat - how can I fill-in my own death certificate? How can I live to see the documentation of my own death?

Flight is the flip-side of living day to day. It is the exit-route, the passage-way to the eventual escape - in popular media and mythology. Here framed in a sarcastic as well as a database form, flight is the outcome of thought experiments formulated by philosophers and spiritualists.

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