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The tiger is not a tiger (but don't tell)


2011 / processing sketch and Mysql database / Buttons / part of the Myth ←→ Reality show curated by Veeranganakumari Solanki at The Guild (Mumbai)


This looks at data-mining, statistics and pattern-analysis as tactics used to produce knowledge and convey power. The process of psychological and sociological techniques being appropriated for desire-mapping, forecasting, and tightening the consumer noose is unraveled in the texts and in the functioning of the installation.

A series of images load up on a screen. We can vote for the image on the left or on the right by pressing the corresponding button. Pressing both the buttons together will take us to the score-window, which shows which image was selected how many times. Selection, here is of course meant to signify desirability and cool-sensing.

Desire of the people interacting with the installation is mapped as they select the images on the screen serially. The data of this desire is also mined along the day for analysis later in some work. The collection of texts from which a selection was part of the installation is accessible here.