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We are all schizoid



2011 / Performed hypertext / part of the Myth <--> Reality show curated by Veeranganakumari Solanki at The Guild (Mumbai)


Six first-person stories woven around six different contexts and forms of power. These six stories are kept on a table.

We can sit and read the stories together - which all begin with a preamble with specific reading directions which could help in reading the text as text, and not treat it visually as an image.

There is four microphone on the table into which we can all read the stories, and construct a non-linear storyscape.

We become the characters in the texts and see the anomalies that emerge in our voice as we are read and assume different positions and roles. We let hybrid characters emerge out of the cacophony, let fragments of the characters from different strands of the stories crossover and seed a performed hypertext.


The stories can be read here.