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Zoda Zoda

Do you ever wonder if there is anybody out there? But if there IS, how will you connect? The Zoda Zoda shoes help you make friends.


A video about the Zoda Zoda concept (a promo):

Zoda Zoda (promo) from Prayas Abhinav on Vimeo.


shoe strap / accessory / Exhibited as part of the Continuum Transfunctioner show at Exhibit 320 / 2010

Product Description

The first ZODA ZODA design is a shoe-strap with velcro that can be worn on any shoe.

In a social situation, the person who is wearing these shoes can go and stick him/herself to the person s/he wants to converse with. If the conversation is going well the two people can remain stuck, else they can easily unstick themselves.


Beyond visible and invisible boundaries, the reality of proximity and touch lets you weed out friends from bores. ZODA ZODA is a unique brand of social footwear that offers you ways to navigate through social situations. So, no more guess-work, no more stress. Either your friendships stick, or they peel-off. ZODA ZODA offers the less socially open, the more introverted amongst us ways to still be able to connect and communicate with people around us and feel less isolated.

Besides the humour, the idea here is to explore the dimensions of what we call a “connection” with others around us. Sometimes it is possible to realize the extent of dis-connection only on connecting.